Michoud & Irish

Michoud & Irish is a Boutique Watch Brand offering custom crafted, luxury timepieces in small batch production for people that simply dig watches.


You never quite know where life will take you.  The road is full of twists and turns… ups and downs.  Life has its way… But no matter where life takes us, we all had to start somewhere.  For us, it was New Orleans.  Becoming friends in our freshman year of High School, we’ve been boys for over three decades.  Will grew up off Michoud Boulevard out in New Orleans East and I’m from the Irish Channel in Uptown New Orleans. We’ve both traveled to many different parts of the world and have lived in multiple cities in different parts of the country, but New Orleans is a lady that you always carry with you. She’s far from perfect, but she’s real… she’s passionate… and she’s resilient.  She’s a part of our fabric… this fabric makes Michoud&Irish. 


 Sean Williams  & Will Bolling